Sunday, 27 May 2012

Zumba Two

Here's another set of workout songs that are awesome. This workouts intense so make sure you are fit enough to do it :). My particular favourite is the "Show me how you Burlesque", what an awesome dance routine! Lots of hip hop in this one from CarlyandJanelleZumba - I absolutely love these girls choreography, they are so clever! Have fun :D

Friday, 25 May 2012

Dr. Oz and Zumba

Dr. Oz tries his hand at Zumba

Now this is seriously awesome, if Dr. Oz thinks Zumba is good for you it must be! :D 

A playlist of my favourites

This is a seriously awesome workout made up of zumba routines online. Creating an online zumba playlist using YouTube is just like going to a zumba class except you make up the dance routines using your favourite songs. You control the music, length, and difficulty. It truly is an awesome way to workout! Feel free to give this one a go :D

Welcome to YouZumba

So you've probably found this blog somewhere on google and are wondering what on earth it is. Well, to put it simply I'm a girl who loves zumba but I don't have a gym nearby that I can join... so instead I workout using the zumba DVDs. The recent thing that I love to do is find awesome zumba routines on youtube and workout to them because they are more like attending a class. The point of this blog is to simply post my favourite workout routines so that other zumba enthusiasts can find some awesome routines without having to browse youtube themselves. Hence the name "YouZumba". Don't forget to have a browse around the blog and see if you can find some routines for you :D